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Online detection and identification of Southern African wildlife species in camera trap images using machine learning software.
Camera trap images courtesy of and copyright of NamibRand Nature Reserve and Dr Morris Gosling of the Mountain Zebra Project.

How it Works

WildID is an easy-to-use online software application to process image data from camera traps in three simple steps.

Bulk Upload Images
  • EASE: Drag and drop to upload thousands of images at a time over SFTP
  • SECURITY: Secure image storage, backups and redundancy
  • PRIVACY: Your data is not available to third parties
  • AVAILABILITY: Your images are available for download if required

Automatically Detect
and Identify Species
  • EMPTIES: WildID marks empty images so you can easily exclude them
  • DETECTION: WildID detects objects and localises (boxes) them
  • IDENTIFICATION: WildID identifies which species each object is and labels it for you
  • SPECIES: 63 Southern African species (including humans and vehicles) currently trained

Engage with your Data
  • EDIT: Verify or edit species labels, add custom tags and notes
  • SEARCH: Search and filter, view as cards or lists, and zoom in on original images
  • EXPORT: Export your data for further reporting and analysis
  • COLLABORATE: Invite your colleagues to access your data as Admins, Editors or Guests

Case Studies

These case studies highlight how organisations are using WildID in different environments and for different purposes.

Environmental NGO
South Africa

Private Nature Reserve

Environmental Consulting

Wildlife Security Management
South Africa

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