NamibRand Nature Reserve
Private Nature Reserve
Ongoing monitoring at waterholes in reserve; cameras originally set up for Mountain Zebra project run by UK university.
Gemsbok, Zebra, Springbok, Ostrich, Vulture
Porcupine, Spring Hare, Fox (Cape), Fox (Bat Eared), Wildcat

We get up to 10 000 images per month from each of our camera traps, and we simply didn’t have the time to process the data. I used to scan through each batch of images manually and just pull out the predators I spotted to report on that in a manual spreadsheet. Years’ worth of photographs were sitting in storage waiting for the day when we might be able to extract something meaningful from them. We looked at some image classification software, but being in the desert with very barren landscapes we were getting back results like polar bear, presumably because the sand looked like snow to the software. We thought there was a gap for software focussed on Southern Africa. Now we’re just waiting for WildID to be able to pull the numbers on the tags on our vultures out of the images for us!

Murray Tindall - Warden - NamibRand Nature Reserve

Survey set-up:
Permanent camera traps, one per waterhole.
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588 467
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