Transfrontier Africa
South Africa
Wildlife Security Management
Ongoing monitoring at waterholes in reserves; emphasis on rhino monitoring.
Savanna woodland
Impala, Elephant, Zebra, Buffalo, Warthog
Wild Dog, Wildcat, Tortoise, Jackal, Vulture

Transfrontier Africa found out about WildID thanks to Craig Spencer, the director and founder of our non-profit organization. We use the WildID platform to get through our backlog of camera trap data. So far, our experience has been great with accurate classifications, and the customer support was really helpful to get things started. The platform is user-friendly and intuitive. In the beginning there was no user manual available, but even without it I could still make it work. Now with the user manual, it is even easier.

Nick van Doormaal, PhD - Wildlife Crime Analyst - Transfrontier Africa NPC

Survey set-up:
Permanent camera traps, one per waterhole.
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Sample screen shots: