Flora Fauna & Man, Ecological Services Limited
International (case study project in Kenya)
Environmental Consulting
Consultants investigating specific study questions on behalf of clients.
Forest, cultivated areas near human habitation
Human, Domestic animal, Duiker, Bird (Other), Rodent
Porcupine, Vehicle, Warthog, Duiker (Natal Red), Mongoose

Wild ID was fantastic, it sped up the whole process massively. Prior to this we'd been manually going through images so this is a major improvement. You'll see if you look through the data that a lot of the classifications were incorrect, but as I had time to look through the images this wasn't too much of an issue, it was just great to have a means of sorting between empty images and those of animals.

Phoebe Mottram, MSc Conservation Biology - Associate: Ecology and Conservation - Flora Fauna & Man Ecological Services Ltd

Survey set-up:
Short-term survey involving groups of 5 cameras per location, moving to different locations during study period.
14-25 Apr 2021
Bushnell, Doerr Snapshot, Denver
24 757
51.4 GB
2.12 MB
20 746
4 306
* Non-empty images only

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